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Laser Marking System

Videojet 3120 Laser Marking System

With a marking speed of up to 1,200 characters/second and line speeds up to 10 meters/second (depending on the application), the Videojet 3120 is the fastest laser marker in its class. High quality, multi-line codes are consistently produced by the Videojet 3120, even on high volume production lines.

The Videojet 3120 marks complex, multi-line alphanumeric messages, foreign language fonts, graphics, symbols and machine-readable codes. Information such as expiration and manufacture dates, ticket numbers, line codes, ID matrix and bar codes, serial numbers, batch and lot codes or content and weight specifications are quickly and easily marked by the Videojet 3120.

Additionally, the compact design and flexible standard components ensure fast and simple integration. To fit into tight spaces, the Videojet 3120’s head can be positioned for even the most intricate marking jobs, and is capable of 0-degree (straight-out) or 90-degree laser output.

Download Videojet 3120 Laser Marking System brochure

Videojet 3430 Laser Marking System

The Videojet 3430 laser marking system provides best-in-class marking speeds and maximum production throughput with 50 watts of power. For example, PET bottles or labels can be coded at 72,000 per hour with marking speeds up to 2,000 characters per second, meeting the beverage industry’s demand for high hroughput. And the Videojet 3430 system can also handle more demanding logo and graphics content, easily marking rubber, plastic and wood extrusions with high quality, permanent codes.

With an articulated arm and a small scanning head, the Videojet 3430 easily integrates into tight machinery and production lines. In the optional horizontal configuration, it can even be mounted above the machine – requiring no floor space. The Videojet 3430 is mobile, delivering production flexibility and increasing return on investment with the ability to code product in one location this week, then quickly and easily relocate the printer and set up coding on another production line the following week.

Download Videojet 3430 Laser Marking System brochure

Videojet 3320 Laser Marking System

The Videojet 3320 laser marking system is an easy-to-use, flexible to integrate, high speed 30-Watt CO2 laser marker. This compact, flexible system provides permanent, high quality codes with low maintenance and operating costs. The Videojet 3320 is well-suited for applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, electronics and extrusion markets.

Download Videojet 3320 Laser Marking System brochure


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